12-02-2008 05:50

KSFO 560 AM San Francico, CA ABC Radio Network, Citadel Broadcasting

Hosts Lee Rodgers and ďOfficer VicĒ

Lee Rodgers: The Big Three who arenít so big anymore automobile company executives returned to Washington todayís the deadline to present their survival strategy. Iím sure this is going to be brilliant. They were criticized, the first time the came to Washington, what was it a week 10 days ago showing up each of them individually in their corporate private jets. ABCs Chuck Sivertsen reports there will be different modes of transportation bringing them from Detroit this time.


ďBoth Ford and General Motors CEOs plan to drive from Detroit, GM Rick Waggener is staying in a moderately priced Marriott Hotel and plans to drive his company's flagship green electric car the Volt to capital hill. Chryslerís executives will fly commercial since Chrysler sent nine execs on itís jet the last time, the companies only said that they spent 500 a person, checking commercial flights from Detroit round trip on Delta and Northwest are 663 bucks and thatís coach.Ē


Lee Rodgers: The corporate PR person said that it only cost $500 a head to send nine of them on a private jet from Detroit to Washington is lying in his or her teeth, that's a total crock, it's a bunch of bullbleep and let me see Chuck said coach from Detroit 663 dollars. I havenít even looked but I suspect if I went on the web to Orbitz or Travelocity or one of those I could find a coach fare between Detroit and Washington for a good deal less than that.


OV: Yeah


LR: Yeah


OV: I would think so.


LR: Well corporate PR people in general are a bunch of ass kissers. So They will do almost anything you know, ďDonít get the boss mad at me! For gods sake donít tell the public the truth! Iíll be in troubleĒ thatís the mentality.


OV: [unintelligible] make sure of it right there

LR: Well I think so, I think that that pretty much covers it. Letís see also do we have time for a Jewish motherÖ