Lee Rodgers morning host, KSFO 560 AM ABC Radio Network, Citadel Broadcasting

†11-19-2008 05:23


Lee Rodgers: And the other thing that is pervasive these days, ďOh were going to bail out the automobile industry. If we donít itís going to shut down. Millions of people out of work.Ē BULLCRAP! Almost every major airline in this country has been threw one or more bankruptcies and what happens when they go bankrupt? Sometimes they get out of union contracts.


Officer Vic: Right


LR: that were made in palmer days when they thought they could give away the store and keep flying, but hey look at those airlines, how many times has United been bankrupt? Go to the airport today youíll see the grey planes lined up ready to go places.


OV: Um Hum.


LR: Everybody say ďOh it will just shut down.Ē No it wonít and people wonít stop buying cars, they might start buying more Fords, Chevyís and Chryslers if those countries those companies were run by people who have any sense about the automobile business. Cars would be made, but they wouldnít be made at an average employee union worker cost of over 78 dollars an hour.


OV; Yep.

LR: The union priced its way out of the market is what happened. The greed knew no end, the gutless management people of big American car companies with no back bone, they just cave in over and over and itís killing them.† Donít you think for a moment all of this talk of a bailout is bailing out the car companies.


OV: No


LR: No. No. No. No. No. No. Itís about bailing out the United Autoworkers Union. The average cost per hour, I repeat, something like 78 dollars an hour. That includes


OV: Benefits it includes salary and all the goodies per hour per worker


LR: Vacation time, pension plan you know the 20 and out deal and you keep getting paid the same money, itís insane. Itís insane and itís breaking the car companies, but of course the democrats, especially want to bail out the union because their buying union votes, itís what democrats do. But if you let everyone of the big car companies go bankrupt today, they would still be making cars tomorrow.


OV: of course


LR: They would simply say, Uhhh no we are not going to pay that kind of money anymore because in other parts of the country. Uh Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, KIA they are making cars in this country and they are doing it for about 26, 27 dollars an hour less and just say, ďThatís what we are going to pay you, take it or leave it.Ē You know what, theyíd take it.


OV: You can ask


LR: This kind of shake down canít go on forever and if we taxpayers subsidize it nothing will change. When did the United States government get in the business of rewarding failure?


OV: Great point.