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Morning Host Officer Vic:

Now one of the hopes for the future of General Motors is a car called the Chevy Volt but there are some very serious questions about it ever really being a commercially viable product.


“Chevy Colt Ad”


Chevy Colt hailed by GM a car that go up to 40 miles before it used any gas at all. It’s rumored GMs CEO will ride in one of them to the bail out hearings. The Volt is an electrically driven car. Tony Posiswatz helped design it. “The gasoline is only the back up system.”


But Car and Driver editor Chuba Cheddar notes the estimated 40 thousand dollar sticker price. “The battery in it is very expensive there is a lot of hardware in the Volt. How quickly they can bring the price down is going to be interesting to see.”


Volt won’t show up in showrooms until 2010 assuming GM survives. Steven Portnoy ABC News Washington. 



Lee Rodgers Now after spending millions and millions of dollars on this thing and assuming it will ever sell in mass qualities at a price like 40 thousand dollars and that price by the way would be after a federal subsidy of over several thousand dollars per car. These people are living in fantasyland and given that, just for example that we know from bitter experience California electric power grid can’t keep up with the demand on it already, especially in summer time. Where’s the electricity supposed to come from to charge up a bunch of plug in cars even if people DID buy the things?


Officer Vic: Yeah


LR: If this is part of their so called business model kiss your tax dollars good bye if Congress puts them into this dumb outfit.


OV: And electric car would be a huge electric suck too because it’s what’s your doing a lot of resistance from the system you plug in a bunch of them and you’re just draining the grid. 


LR: Yeah some poor retiree somewhere turns on an little window air conditioner and the whole system goes kablooie.


OV: It’s crazy


LR: The whole thing is just nonsense.

Are there more terrorists in Pakistan waiting for the right moment to attack India? Well could be.


ABC News have learned that the lone gunman captured alive in Mumbai says he was one of twenty four trained for the mission, leaving fourteen still in side Pakistan ready to strike again possibly targeting the Indian capital, New Deli. US officials also say the captured gunmen account appears to cooperate evidence that points to the