The J6 Committee has the “missing” texts

I think the J6 committees already knows the contents of the missing texts from the Secret Service, DHS and now the DoD. Texts of top Trump officials in the Department of Defense wiped. The “missing texts” investigation is designed to reveal people involved in the cover up. It’s a setup to implicate Trumpers embedded in government. And it’s working, it’s already exposed actions and non-actions taken by Trump appointed Inspector General, Joseph Cuffari. Monday, Reps. Bennie Thompson and Carolyn Maloney ( said they also have new evidence the inspector general’s office stopped trying to recover the missing records over a year ago. Link

.@SamSeder the J6 cmte telling the media the Secret Service texts are "missing" is a set up designed to catch those who tried & are trying to obstruct justice. It's working too, it's exposed IG Cuffari. @MattLech @majorityfmGood Job #J6committee! @January6thCmte

— Spocko (@spockosbrain) August 2, 2022

“But Spocko,” you ask, “if the committee has copies of the texts, why didn’t they reveal them?” There are a couple of reasons. Not revealing the content now is giving the committee the opportunity to get more people in to “refresh their memory” and cut deals. They . . . → Read More: The J6 Committee has the “missing” texts