Who can short circuit Trump’s claims of executive privilege?

Back before the Mueller Report was released to the public, I though a lot of redactions in the Mueller report would be Executive Privilege ones. I was wrong.

Barr didn’t use Executive Privilege to redact info, but now the question of Executive Privilege and the Report comes up again.

At the time the report was released I asked my friend Lisa Graves, co-director of Documented , if she would be talking about redactions on the Lawrence O’Donnell show.  I had a few questions about Executive Privilege that I know the answers to now, but I really wanted to know what smart moves Democrats could make given this current delaying tactic?

Trump does things like this all the time, ignoring norms and breaking conventions. The democrats on the committee always seem to be in reactive mode.  Trump’s assertion of Executive Privilege is bogus, so what are the steps to flip it so it hurts Trump and speeds his impeachment?

Ian Millhiser over at ThinkProgress said,

Trump’s claim that the Mueller report is protected by executive privilege is hot garbage 

He doesn’t have a legal claim, but he can probably run out the clock. 

There are two big Executive Privilege . . . → Read More: Who can short circuit Trump’s claims of executive privilege?